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Nigerians Need to Challenge Govts on Promises Made – Bamanga Tukur

 A former chairman of the Peoples  Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, has called on Nigerians to stand up and challenge government to keep to its promises to the people.

He said this, on Friday, in an interactive session with journalist at his residence in Yola, the Adamawa state capital.

According to him, “There is always a difference between the menu and the meal. The menu consist of every imaginable thing that could get make a good food but the meal is what you get at the end of the day on the dining table.

“When someone says I will give you rice, fish, this and that, but if they are not bought and prepared, they will only on the wish list of a menu not in the meal served.

“we have a responsibility to start asking questions, you have this on the menu, that on your menu but the meal you are serving us does not reflect what is on your menu,” he said.

Speaking on the unity of Nigeria, Bamanga Tukur cotinued, “Nigeria is still a country not a nation since we still see each other as Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa, not as Nigerians.

“When you go to Europe no one really cares which language you speak or where you come from, you are just a member of the black continent, an African.

“So we must fight tribalism, ethnicity and religious divides. It is unfortunate that some people have employed religion, tribalism and ethnicity as a weapon to divide us. We must not allow our country to

be divided along ethnic and religious lines. I grew up in this house with people of different ethnic backgrounds and religion. I won elections as the governor of the then Gongola state elected with

pastors from supporting me and imams supporting me. Because, I was able to convince the people of what I was going to do for them if they elected me. You need to convince people of your competence from your party manifesto and not cause ethnic and religious divides.

“I have always been a pan-African, God create the Caucasians and made them whites, the Mongolians and made them yellow, the Indians and made them brown and the black man. We are black people and that is more important than anything.”

On the incessant Fulani-herdsman conflict the elder statesman said, “Nigerians must ask serious questions and stop looking at this at the surface. To the Fulani man, his cattle is life’s worth, so he will

never drives his cattle into someone’s farm because that will breed trouble and it would cost him his cows. There are people dressing up like Fulani going about killing, maiming and wreacking havoc on the

Nigerian people

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