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Online Court: Nigerian Corruption Watch Unveils First Online Court, Tagged “Court Room”

Court Room

The Nigerian Corruption Watch has unveiled the first online court, to tackle the excesses of both online and offline criminal activities and tendencies.

The aim is to increase access to justice by removing much of the cost and bottleneck associated with litigation, which is beyond the reach of many individuals and small businesses

Some dubious individuals and organizations hide under online businesses to reap off hard earned resources belonging to innocent and unsuspecting citizens and disappear without trace.

Others abscond with people’s money given to them under trust through business associations.
Such criminal activities like Job scam, ponzi scam, visa racketeering, criminal breach of trust, fake religious activities, academic admission racketeering, sexual harassment, household molestation etc.

All you need to do is to get the Accused (Defendant) phone number, and possibly two other things we may not disclose in this article for security reasons.

Whilst much of the processes are online, there are also other facilities used as means of communication where appropriate.

Evidence, documents and issues will are captured online, and conciliation and case management are being handled by our online Court Registrar. A trial would be considered a last resort

Forward your complaint to or, phone: 09067629436 (SMS only)

The Nigerian Corruption Watch first online court is globally recognized on grounds of Arbitration and Advocacy.

People are already smiling home with justice, resources are recovered daily through this online Court.

Run to Nigerian Corruption Watch Court Room, a hall of investigative journalism, inquest and objective exposition of corruption.

Distance is not a barrier, nobody can be at large if he breaths, makes and answers call, does banking whether online or offline, anywhere in this planet even in cave planet, we will expose such.

We guarantee 99.9% whistle blower’s safety, and federal government approved benefits.

This Honourable Court Room is highly protected with password throughout the trial period, only the parties involved in the case see their case files and court proceedings until ruling is giveh.
After ruling, the sentences are speedily enforced by our enforcement team.

Note: This is not in any way a jungle justice, but a way of exposing and curtailing the excesses of the corrupt minded individuals in our society.

#Blow the whistle now and reap your reward!
#Report the criminal now and smile home with Justice without delay!!

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